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How one of the world’s leading brands of casual cycling fashion and performance wear increased its sales conversion by 310%


Founded in 2013 in the Netherlands, La Machine is nowadays one of the world’s leading brands in casual cycling fashion and performance wear. The brand is driven by its founders’ love for style and passion for cycling as a way of life. They are committed to delivering timeless, originally designed, and great fitting products for cyclists and cycling fans around the world. By ensuring the use of carefully selected materials and working with small-scale family factories, 90% of which are located within the EU and nearby regions, every piece of clothing they buy is following high environmental and social standards. This is true of the products they sell, as well as the package in which they ship them. To minimize the use of plastic, La Machine developed their own shipping bags and tape made of 100% recycled paper.


La Machine wants its customers to have the best possible cycling experience. As an activewear and performance brand, they know that providing perfectly fitted garments is paramount. Athletic performance can be greatly impacted by a wrong fit, not to mention a wrong size. Shoppers of these kind of products are even more sensitive to properly fitting clothing than those buying more casual attires. Hence why it is crucial to La Machine for customers to get the right size at the very first purchase. If done in a seamless and quick manner, it can turn first-time shoppers into regular ones, establishing brand loyalty and reliability.


Wishing to build trust with their first-time customers, La Machine was keen to provide highly accurate and reliable sizing recommendations.

“Sizing plays a huge role in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, especially for people new to the brand. We want our customers to have the best possible shopping experience, by feeling confident in their purchases and trusting the brand. Easysize helps us minimize wrong size purchases, allowing our customers to spend more time finding the products they need rather than on choosing sizes.”

Rens Robroek
Co-founder & Marketing director


Easysize was launched on in November 2019 to help customers find the right size and fit for every item from their very first shopping experience. Easysize Fit Quiz allows new shoppers to do this by answering only a few simple questions. No garment or body measurements are required, and the process takes only up to 20 seconds. Once a customer has taken the quiz, size recommendations will be automatically provided for future purchases as well. Easysize uses direct post-purchase feedback from previous customers to provide a unique recommendation per SKU, considering not only size but fit preferences as well. Due to their wide range of clothing items with very different characteristics – from casual to performance activewear – La Machine benefited from Easysize’s personalized recommendations to provide their customers with accurate sizing suggestions that are unique for every item. This helped La Machine to establish brand loyalty and strong relationship with returning customers from the very first shopping experience, due to higher confidence when choosing a size and fit for their purchases.


By using Easysize, La Machine was able to provide an effortless user experience and to increase shoppers’ confidence in the brand. This reflected on their sales conversion. Shoppers were 3.1 times more likely to purchase an item when using Easysize. In fact, it made a significant impact on their overall business, with 25% of total purchases made with the size recommended by Easysize. For La Machine, the return on investment is clear: for every 1 EUR invested in Easysize’s solution, 14 EUR were generated through the increase in sales and decrease in clothing returns.

Increase in
sales conversion

Return on
investments (ROI)

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