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How Easysize helped a signature apparel brand designing premium basics for everyday wear decrease their size-related returns by 32%


Guillaume Philibert started the brand 'Filling Pieces' in 2009, with a vision to design a premium sneaker at a fair price point. This led to the birth of the first shoe to bridge the gap between streetwear and high fashion- the 'Low Top'. The Low Top became more than just a piece of footwear. It was a symbol of affordable, luxury design. A product that leveled the playing field. One that proved good design can unify. It still continues to be a symbol of a world united through the power of creativity The brand didn’t stop there. Their offering has continued to evolve, adapting and expanding to now include more innovative footwear silhouettes and a full ready-to-wear collection complete with bags, accessories and eyewear. Filling Pieces has grown from a one-man operation to an international team of creatives. Having originated in the garage of Guillaume's parents, Filling Pieces is now based in a historic bank building in the centre of the Amsterdam canals. Filling Pieces ensures that their design process creates the highest-quality product possible, whilst using the most sustainable production methods available.


Sizing in footwear & shoes is tricky - if the size isn't right, customers won't be able to wear an item at all. This is the reason shoppers are very careful and think a lot before actually purchasing an item. Secondly, returns is a big issue for any shop that sells online. These returns not only cause a strain in the company's profitability, but also have a drastic effect on the environment due to wastage of materials and unnecessary emission of CO2.


Their main objective is helping the customers to get the right size, from the very first time. This builds confidence and it can turn first-time shoppers into regular ones, establishing brand loyalty and reliability. Filling Pieces is committed to be more environmentally responsible at all levels of the company. Their focus on sustainability and responsibility, and thus, it is important for them to solve the sizing issue. If the item fits well, customers are more likely to wear them for a longer period of time. This also means fewer returns and hence, less wastage and less emission of CO2 into the environment due to transportation.

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“Responsibility is one of our brand values. From that perspective, we are always looking for ways that help, support, and sustain a better world. Easysize fits right in, ensuring a better shopping experience for our visitors, that results in lower returns.”


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Easysize was launched on Filling Pieces in May 2020. Our solution helps first time shoppers to find the right size for every item from their very first time, by answering a few simple questions. The process takes less than 20 seconds, and doesn't distract the shoppers from shopping. In fact it is designed in a way that is easy-to-use, and gives a precise recommendation, without asking for measurements or causing any other inconvenience to the shopper. The recommendation is personalised for each SKU individually – it means that we recommend the right size for each item and not broadly for the whole category. Filling Pieces sells everything from footwear and apparel to all genders, which is why this type of personalised SKU recommendation is even more important. It is even more accurate because our recommendation is also based on direct customer feedback. This is done with previous customers post-purchase, prior to launching our size recommendation tool.


Filling Pieces was able to provide a seamless user experience to its customers by providing them with accurate size recommendations, with Easysize. This was clear by the increase in their sales conversion. Shoppers are now 2.8 times more likely to purchase an item when using Easysize. This shows their trust in the brand, which is very important, especially when they are purchasing an item for the first time.

The size-related returns decreased by 32%, whereas the overall returns reduced by 24%, which further builds the brand image. As for the return on investment, the brand earned 26 EUR on every 1 EUR spent on Easysize.


Return on investments (ROI)


Decrease in return rate

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