“The days of relying on size charts and body measurements for predicting sizes are over. Easysize’s in-depth knowledge of user’s style and fit preferences is something that sets them apart.”

Ilan Benhaim
Co-founder & Director of Strategy and Innovation

Case study



How flash sales pioneer vente-privee used Easysize to target size related returns.


vente-privee is a French e-commerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales. Founded in 2001, the company today has more than €3.3bn and is one of only three unicorns (private companies valued at more than $1bn) in France. Online sales are exclusive to its 70 million members worldwide. Sales are for a limited time only (3 to 5 days) and are organised in close collaboration with over 7000 major international brands in all product categories: ready-to-wear, homewares, wine, toys, sports, high-tech, etc.


vente-privee’s members have an access to exclusive deals from thousands of international fashion brands. Sizes often vary between brands leaving shoppers with a challenge to find the right one, and do it while a sale is still active. This all leads to confusion among shoppers – some of them end up buying the wrong size, some will buy several sizes of the same item to try it at home.


vente-privee had a goal to decrease the returns and the number of size-related returns.

“Easysize is able to help millions of customers at scale and in a way that is authentic and informed by rich data.”

Ilan Benhaim
Co-founder & Director of Strategy and Innovation, vente-privee


Easysize was first launched on vente-privee.com in November 2017 on the french versions of the website. Easysize’s approach to solving the sizing issue is focused on identifying shoppers, who are likely to make a mistake (“buy-wrong-size shoppers”), and recommending the correct size to them. These shoppers have historic patterns of buying the wrong size, or are unsure about their size selection, or tend to buy several sizes of the same item. All this leads to a higher risk of returns. Easysize estimated that 22% of all purchases were made by buy-wrong-size shoppers and was able to provide the right recommendation to all of these purchases. It allows the company to engage with a significant number of orders and have a notable positive impact on vente-privee’s overall key metrics.


Easysize size recommendation had an impact on 22% of all purchases. By auto-recommended size to risky customers, vente-privee was able to lower its return rate for buy-wrong-size shoppers by 14%. In addition, the sales conversion (from a page view), when the recommended size was shown, increased by 35%. Easysize helped prevent 4% of all returns at vente-privee.

sales conversion

Decrease in
return rate

Why this approach to solve the sizing issue was chosen

The majority of sizing solutions engage with shoppers only when shoppers click a dedicated button on a product page (usually “Find my size” or “What’s my size”). Shoppers are then asked to take a size quiz and add their measurements or brand references. Click-through-rate of “Find my size” button is usually in the range of 1-3%. It means that only a very small number of orders end up being create with the right size recommendation. In the contorary Easysize directly engages with almost a quarter of all orders (in this test this number was 22%) by auto-recommending the size, resulting in a significant impact on the overall return rate. In addition, by focusing on “buy-wrong-size shoppers”, Easysize solved the sizing issue for customers, that historically contributed the most to returns. It was done in a way (auto-recommended sizes) that didn’t require any actions from shoppers – they simply saw the auto-recommended right size on the product page. This allowed vente-privee help those shoppers who needed it the most and engage with nearly a quarter of all orders.